Some Orchids of San Carlos de Bariloche (Argentina)

These pictures were taken during a very short trip in Bariloche at the beginning of January 2001. I found 5 species of Orchids: Gavilea lutea, Codonorchis lessonii, Chloraea magellanica, Chloraea cylindrostachia and Chloraea alpina .
All of them were found in Challhuaco inside the National Park.

Chloraea magellanica
entire plant flower inflorescence

Codonorchis lessonii

entire plant flower

Gavilea lutea

entire plant

These 3 species can be found in forest of coihue and lengua trees. But C. magellanica seems to be much rarer than the two others (which can be found frequently) and in places somewhat dryer and with more light.

Chloraea cylindrostachia

entire plant flower medium

this species was just beginning to flower. I found many plants in a bog in full light.

Chloraea alpina

entire plant flower
Of the five Orchids I found, this one was certainly the first to flower as most of them had already faded. I found it in altitude lawns above th nivel of the forest.